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Class Specs

Specify the Class Title that you want to search for. When you click "Filter All Job Classes," your browser will display a list of all the job classes meeting your criteria. The class specs listed below are information listings, not job openings.

Click the "Class Spec" link to view the class specification.

Class Title
Account Clerk IClass Spec
Account Clerk IIClass Spec
Account Clerk IIIClass Spec
Account Clerk Supervisor IClass Spec
Account Clerk Supervisor IIClass Spec
Accountant IClass Spec
Accountant IIClass Spec
Accounting TechnicianClass Spec
Assistant Director DCSSClass Spec
Chief Child Support AttorneyClass Spec
Chief Fiscal OfficerClass Spec
Chief Fiscal SupervisorClass Spec
Chief Welfare InvestigatorClass Spec
Child Support Accounting SpecialistClass Spec
Child Support Assistant IClass Spec
Child Support Assistant IIClass Spec
Child Support Assistant IIIClass Spec
Child Support Attorney IClass Spec
Child Support Attorney IIClass Spec
Child Support Attorney IIIClass Spec
Child Support Attorney IVClass Spec
Child Support Branch ManagerClass Spec
Child Support Compliance SpecialistClass Spec
Child Support Compliance TechnicianClass Spec
Child Support Investigator IClass Spec
Child Support Investigator IIClass Spec
Child Support Office ManagerClass Spec
Child Support Process ServerClass Spec
Child Support Program ManagerClass Spec
Child Support Special Programs CoordinatorClass Spec
Child Support Specialist IClass Spec
Child Support Specialist IIClass Spec
Child Support Specialist IIIClass Spec
Child Support SupervisorClass Spec
Data Entry Operator IClass Spec
Deputy DirectorClass Spec
Eligibility Specialist IClass Spec
Eligibility Specialist IIClass Spec
Eligibility Specialist IIIClass Spec
Eligibility Specialist TraineeClass Spec
Eligibility Superviosr (Specialist)Class Spec
Eligibility Supervisor (Worker)Class Spec
Eligibility Worker IClass Spec
Eligibility Worker IIClass Spec
Eligibility Worker IIIClass Spec
Employment & Training Worker IClass Spec
Employment & Training Worker IIClass Spec
Employment & Training Worker IIIClass Spec
Employment & Training Worker SupervisorClass Spec
Fair Hearing OfficerClass Spec
Foster Parent LiaisonClass Spec
Information Systems Analyst IClass Spec
Information Systems Analyst IIClass Spec
Information Systems Coordinator IClass Spec
Information Systems Coordinator IIClass Spec
Information Systems Coordinator IIIClass Spec
Information Systems SupervisorClass Spec
Information Systems Supervisor - DSSClass Spec
Information Systems TechnicianClass Spec
Integrated Case Worker IClass Spec
Integrated Case Worker I (No EW)Class Spec
Integrated Case Worker IIClass Spec
Integrated Case Worker II (No EW)Class Spec
Integrated Case Worker IIIClass Spec
Lead Child Support Process ServerClass Spec
Legal AssistantClass Spec
Legal Clerk IClass Spec
Legal Clerk IIClass Spec
Legal Clerk IIIClass Spec
Nurse Case AssistantClass Spec
Nurse Case ManagerClass Spec
Office Assistant IClass Spec
Office Assistant IIClass Spec
Office Assistant IIIClass Spec
Office Assistant Supervisor IClass Spec
Office Assistant Supervisor IIClass Spec
Office Maintenance WorkerClass Spec
Parent Partner IClass Spec
Parent Partner IIClass Spec
Parent Partner IIIClass Spec
Peer Coach IClass Spec
Peer Coach IIClass Spec
Personnel AssistantClass Spec
Personnel TechnicianClass Spec
Policy and Legislative ManagerClass Spec
Program ManagerClass Spec
ScreenerClass Spec
Secretary IClass Spec
Secretary IIClass Spec
Secretary IIIClass Spec
Senior Child Support InvestigatorClass Spec
Senior Information Systems AnalystClass Spec
Senior Nurse Case ManagerClass Spec
Senior Staff Services ManagerClass Spec
Senior System Support AnalystClass Spec
Senior Welfare InvestigatorClass Spec
Services Support Assistant IClass Spec
Services Support Assistant IIClass Spec
Services Support Assistant IIIClass Spec
Social Service AideClass Spec
Social Services Program ManagerClass Spec
Social Worker ClinicianClass Spec
Social Worker IClass Spec
Social Worker IIClass Spec
Social Worker IIIClass Spec
Social Worker IVClass Spec
Social Worker Supervisor IClass Spec
Social Worker Supervisor IIClass Spec
Staff Services Analyst IClass Spec
Staff Services Analyst IIClass Spec
Staff Services Analyst IIIClass Spec
Staff Services ManagerClass Spec
Staff Services SpecialistClass Spec
Supervising AccountantClass Spec
Supervising Child Support AttorneyClass Spec
Supervising Integrated Case WorkerClass Spec
Supervising Staff Services AnalystClass Spec
System Support AnalystClass Spec
Vocational AssistantClass Spec
Vocational CounselorClass Spec
Vocational TraineeClass Spec
Welfare Collections OfficerClass Spec
Welfare Investigator IClass Spec
Welfare Investigator IIClass Spec
Welfare Investigator SupervisorClass Spec